Monday, November 7, 2016

Tables of Christmas 2

I still remember my very first year for LifePoint’s Tables of Christmas.  I was nervous and unsure if I had the ability to create something beautiful enough to be included in such a special event.  I dug through my house, clicked my way through Pinterest and even stalked Hobby Lobby a few times until I found the perfect pieces for my table.

I walked into grandness of our Sanctuary that first year full of excitement and amazed at the talent that we have in our congregation.  There were many tables already decorated with elaborate displays, some with every day household décor and others with very specific themes.  There was even a table decorated with candy.  At that moment I realized that it didn’t matter if my table was good enough, because we all had our own talents. Each table was as equally beautiful as the next.

This December I will have the honor of decorating a table for the fifth time.  I’m still as excited, as I was that very first time.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my creativity with my family and friends; believers and non-believers.  I’m excited to have the privilege of listening to a fellow believer share the gospel with a room full of women.  My hope is that this year I can challenge you to bring Honor and Glory to the Lord by decorating a table, in doing so, share the love of Christ with those special people in your life.

Amanda Sheets

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